UnicornCloud · Email Hosting

As the title says we provide Email Hosting. We are doing that shit since 2014 and we somehow manage it to keep it up and secure!
We don't block Tor, VPNs or Proxies (although we are using blacklists to block spam) and we are just a bunch of weirdos and not a company, so we are not interested in making any profit out of this service. We use it personally, so we have a high interest in keeping the servers up & and running.

How can I trust your service?

You can't. Like every Email provider in the World (Google Mail, GMX, Yahoo, ...) we are totally able to read your Email. We can only promise we won't. While we use TLS to secure the transport of your Emails via IMAP and SMTP it does not mean your Email is stored encrypted on the server or on your client.
Even if we would store your Emails encrypted we would still have to decrypt them to send them to you when you want to look at them - So you will just have to take our words that we don't download your nude pics. We certainly are not going to scan your Email to send you commercials.
Also, sometimes we may have to co-operate with the police and other agencies and give out user data. This may sound like we give out a lot of data, but in reality every Provider has to do that. The only difference is that we are honest about it and don't hide this fact somewhere deep in out terms of service.
And, big plus: We are not located in the USA, we don't accept orders from US law enforcment agencies - Austria is a country in the European Union with strong privacy laws. You can read about every communication from us with the police on our transparency page. We will co-operate as much as we have to, but we wont kiss their asses.
And keep in mind: What you wouldn't write on a postcard don't write in an Email. People often misinterpret Emails as secure letters, which they are certainly not as long you don't use any End-to-End encryption like PGP.

Also have a look at the TLS/PGP page and the montly updated warrant canary.