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Fuck yeah, privacy.

Also have a look at the TLS/PGP page and the montly updated warrant canary.

Storage of log files

Stored forever
Time, IP, user agent, hashed user name you used to register
Stored until account deletion
Your Emails, your Email address, your name (if provided), your password
Sieve rules, user quota
Stored for 7 days (purged every Sunday at 3 AM)
The IP of users who visit pages of unicorncloud.org
Stored for 48 hours (purged every 48h at 1 AM)
Postfix logs: Who you sent Emails to / received Emails from and at what time + Your used IP Address
Stored for 12 hours (purged every day at 6 AM and 6 PM)
Dovecot logs: When you read your Emails and what IP you used
Webmail logs (about the same as Postfix logs)

Confidential levels of data

Public (May made public any time)
Your Email address (existence of your email address can be checked during registration)
Anything mailed to us about this service if not encrypted
Confidential (used for abuse investigations)
User quota
Sieve rules
Postfix and Dovecot logs
Time / IP you used to register
Your name (if supplied)
Private (Only looked at on court order)
IMAP folder names
IMAP structure
Email header
Email content