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Server Information

Your Email client should detect the correct settings by itself. If you are using a client made by Microsoft (e.g. Outlook) who prefer not to follow norms you will have to enter the following information by yourself.
Encryption (Either via STARTTLS oder the TLS Port) is obligatory. If you can't use a client that supports encryption you will have to use the Webmail.
If you wish to change your password you can also do so in the Webmail.

Server Configuration
To view details of the used TLS certificate please have a look at the TLS/PGP page.
Server Address mail.unicorncloud.org mail.unicorncloud.org mail.unicorncloud.org
STARTTLS Port 143 587 110
TLS Port 993 465 995
Username username@address.tld username@address.tld username@address.tld


Service Hidden Service URL
Homepage unicorn7s3ti345p.onion
Webmail ucmailzc3rxs2nfr.onion